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is a synchronous buck Regulator with output current up to 3A.

詳細介紹 文檔與工具 樣品及購買

            The SP6816F is a synchronous buck Regulator with output current up to 3A.It is designed to allow for operating a wide supply voltage range from 8V to 32V. The internalcompensation requires a minimum numberof readily available standard external components.

            SP6816F integrates various fast charging protocols, which can automatically identify the fast charging protocol supported by the output terminal access device through DP/DM, and then automatically adjust the output voltage and current. Fast charging protocols supported by SP6816F Include: BC1.2, APPLE2.4, QC2.0/QC3.0,FCP, AFC.


 ● 8V ~ 32V Supply Voltage Range

 ● 36V Input Voltage Surge

 ● 32V Input Over Voltage Protection

 ● Duty Cycle Range (0~100%)

 ● Hiccup Short Circuit Protection

 ● Support HiSilicon Fast Charging Protocol (FCP)
 ● for output voltage and current communication

 ● Support Qualcomm? Quick ChargeTM 2.0/3.0
 ● Class A : 5V/9V/12V Output Voltage

 ● Automatic Selection FCP and QC2.0/3.0
 ● protocols

 ● Support BC1.2/APPLE2.4A D+2.7V D- 2.7V /SAMSUM AFC

 ● SOP-8L Package


 ● Car Chargers

 ● Portable Charger Devices

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