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is a synchronous buck Regulator with output current to 2.4A.

詳細介紹 文檔與工具 樣品及購買

        The SP1237F is a synchronous buck Regulator with output current to 2.4A.It is designed to allow for operating a wide supply voltage range from 8V to 30V. The internal compensation requires a minimum number of readily available standard external components.

        The SP1237F operates in the CV(Constant output Voltage) mode, and the OCP current value is set by current sensing power resisters.

        The SP1237F is suitable for the DC/DC switching power applications when requested the current limit function. The devices are available in SOP-8L package and require very few external devices for operation.


 ● 8V ~ 30V Supply Voltage Range

 ● Low Quiescent Current to 0.6mA

 ● 32V Input Over Voltage Protection

 ● Constant Output Voltage 5.1V

 ● 2% Constant Output Voltage Accuracy

 ● Programmable Frequency(60KHz ~ 1MHz)

 ● Hiccup Short Circuit Protection

 ● Duty Cycle Range (0~100%)

 ● Internal Soft Start 3ms

 ● CV Mode Control

 ● SOP-8L Package


 ● Car Chargers

 ● Portable Charger Devices

 ● DC/DC Converters with Current Limit

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